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New year 2012, new seo contest

Yes, after the seoncontest2008 and countless other contest, here comes also the STELLISSIMO SEO CONTEST, which we hope to carry through with success.

That’s why we offer with pleasure these stellissime images that will help our site to shine more than others concurrents! :)

Or at least that’s what we hope google image go, go, go! :)

Oh, I was about to forget ANOTHER CHALLENGE, the SEO CONTEST GURU OF FUTURE in which we hope too! :)

And now… let’s show you our stellissime pics:

Stellissima pic 1
Stellissima imm 2

Let’s start!

Welcome to my website done for the Seo Contest organised by

I am a bit late, because the contest started  at the beginning of February and will finish at the end of March.

I have just 2 weeks, but I am curious to see what can I do in this very short time.

Have a good contest to everybody!

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